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About me

Born in 1971 and grown up in Mainz, I have been living in Bonn since the beginning of my studies. I am genuinely interested in people, alternative art, music and culture, good books and language(s). I am mother of two wonderful young people, like to move about through countries and in the open air. I prefer to live and work versatile, as it inspires me and keeps me flexible. In spite of a deeply humanist orientation and joy in creative methods, my working style is characterized by rationality and pragmatism.

The most important steps of my professional qualification include in brief:

  • 1992-1998 studies in psychology and sociology (minor) at University of Bonn, 1998 Diploma in Psychology (comparable to M. Sc.; "with honors"; diploma thesis on "Social categorization and stereotyping of minorities. A multinomial analysis")
  • 1998-2002 scientific assistant at Psychological Institute, Dep. for Social and Personality Psychology (Prof. Dr. Karl Christoph Klauer), University of Bonn; PhD student with Psychology as a major; 2002 PhD ("summa cum laude"/"valde laudabilis"; PhD thesis on "Effects of social expectancies on person memory and impression formation"); in parallel start of scientific publications, talks and freelance activities
  • Since 2003 advanced trainings in group dynamics, solution-focused communication, didactics, crisis intervention, hypnotherapeutic and systemic counselling as well as supervisory methods
  • 2007 appointed full professor at Hochschulen Fresenius Psychology School (at that time "Europa-Fachhochschule Fresenius"), Cologne
  • 2016 completion of advanced training as Systemic Counsellor at IF Weinheim (certified by Systemische Gesellschaft)

I gladly gathered experience for over 25 years now as a freelance consultant, facilitator and trainer in various contexts and with a wide range of target groups. I very much enjoy to openly adjust to different people and their respective life or work situations. Having started off with rehab groups for drunk drivers, social skills- and application trainings for IT graduates, stress seminars and training of on-site contact persons for issues of discrimination and mobbing, I had the chance over the years to work, for instance, with executives from the media sector, engineers, industrial shift workers, judges and public administration staff, social workers and care professionals in welfare, or people from the festival industry in customized workshops and intensive coachings. The contexts of the people who sought and seek private counselling aren't less manifold. Last but not least, inspiring discussions with our students ever keep broadening horizons in very good ways, just like some of my voluntary work.